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02 February 2011 @ 05:55 pm
It's Chinese New Year [in China. Or maybe it's passed already..]!! This year is the year of the rabbit; both my mom and brother are rabbits (I'm a sheep, not that it matters)! There as been a lot of rabbit-themed fanart floating around pixiv since the beginning of January, though. They don't do it in Japan like they do it in China I guess.
I want to go out to eat awesome New Year stuff but I can't :( I CAN do fanart though [?]!

Tono and Alata under the cutCollapse )

And now your regularly-scheduled JUMP meme.
Day 6: Favorite live performance of 7Collapse )
♪: Loving Loved - Matsushita Yuya (I like this song, as expected)
31 January 2011 @ 12:24 am
I turned in my internship application! I've never applied for one before, so I hope it didn't suck. Gehh.

Anyway, YABU KOTA IS 21!! Happy birthday Yabu dearie! I am having trouble grasping the fact that I've been stalking following your activities since you were, like, 15. ...gosh that is a long time. I hope you do something cool and go drinking with the rest of BEST except Daiki, who can glower at the rest of you while he begrudgingly drinks orange juice or something. YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MY "ICHIBAN" AS MUCH AS I THINK THAT TERM IS REALLY DUMB ♥

25 January 2011 @ 02:50 pm
Dori's latest blog entry is seriously the cutest thing ever.
Dori getting flustered when they get it right asldkfj;asjfj. ♥


/going to class
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♥: omgsocute ;_;
05 January 2011 @ 02:45 am
Amuse execs are probably ripping their hair out right now because this news is everywhere.

HARUMA DEAR, WHY DO YOU MAKE SUCH A GOOD NICOLE ♥♥♥ it's a little scary but GOD do I enjoy it
And does Kimito have the legs to be in SNSD if not the dance/singing skills? YES HE DOES YES HE DOES ♥♥♥♥♥xinfinity

Happy New Year, everyone! I love everything! \o/

Also I think I need a tranquilizer now.
♪: thismedleyohgod
25 December 2010 @ 03:04 am
it'sstillchristmasinjapanright Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!!
Although maybe it's already passed for some people, enjoy the day anyway! Spend time with family and/or loved ones and be merry. I'm going to bed soon (it's early in the morning), but I wanted to share first a holiday/end-of-the-year pic I've been doing (part one)!

Preview yo

Superhero Time 2010, Hero versionCollapse )

Yes so Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you all enjoy your day, even if it's past Christmas already. *Goes to collapse somewhere*
♪: Cinderella Christmas - Kinki Kids
16 December 2010 @ 02:58 pm
Ughhhh, finals are over at last. I'm sure they didn't go over very well and I'm afraid to look at my grades now. Since GPA helps determine whether or not you get study abroad, if mine sucks too much then I'll probably... cry. A lot.
But they're done now! And I'm back home [alskdjflkj so much yes]! Someone should congratulate me for that, at least. :( Kougami Director, preferably. HE IS THE BEST AT CONGRATULATIONS.

But now that I'm back home I realize how much of a freaky time bubble being in California is; did you know Christmas is in 9 days? I DIDN'T. I still think it's September or something. Craziness.

I also doodled some as a means of procrastinationstudy break.
So maybe I was breaking more than studyingCollapse )

Also, I think I'm the only person who likes Hey! Say! JUMP who doesn't like ありがとう〜世界のどこにいても〜. Even with the PV, I was just kinda... embarrassed. Am I a terrible fan? I liked all the other songs on the single better (and did Inoo and Keito and Ryutaro get actual lines in Snow Song? Are you kidding me - what's happening here?!). The only redeeming parts about Arigatou are the fact that Yabu does a lot of FIERCE!Yabu facing in the PV, Hikaru goes "UGGGHH" at the beginning, and Daiki says "Socks." I mean, "Thanks."
But I'll probably like the song a lot better in a few months. Just like with Romeo & Juliet, which I absolutely hated at first (white turtlenecks had to do with it) but now think is irritatingly catchy.
I'll succumb to Johnny, don't worry. IN THE END, WE ALL DO.

My toes are cold! Hope everyone has a nice holiday. :D
♥: chilly? A bit.
♪: Snow Song - Hey! Say! JUMP
15 October 2010 @ 06:01 pm

I need sleep.

Reaction AnkhCollapse )
♥: :)
20 September 2010 @ 12:15 pm
So there's construction happening every weekday right below our apartment. This would be okay, except that it really is literally RIGHT BELOW our apartment, and that they are using drills and jackhammers or something [I kid you not D:], and that it starts at 9AM every morning.
It's not as bad as last week when it started at 8AM [D:!], but it still sucks when I want to sleep in on Mondays/Wednesdays. And it's just generally really annoying and SO LOUD. I dunno if they're doing work on their ceiling or something, but it's literally SO LOUD that it sounds like it's coming from above us (or in our apartment) and people on other floors can hear it too.

Well, hopefully they'll finish soon! And according to facebook, they won't be starting as early tomorrow and such. That's good.

Anyway, OOO 3Collapse )

In other news, I like drinking hot chocolate in the morning (the mix I use has some coffee stuff in it so it wakes me up. I'M TOO WEAK FOR REAL COFFEE), but it also makes me really hot. :|
Unrelated: I'm excited for our HSJ DVD to come eeeeeee :D :D :D
♪: Forever- NEWS
13 June 2010 @ 11:22 pm
Dori recently posted a picture of R-Kotaro on his blog! Cuuuuuute but I still want to see T-Kotaro ;_;.
Also re: that post and "Teddy's ikemen tears" -- Dori you really need stop shipping Kotaro and Teddy before you give me a heart attack. (i'm lying please don't stop at all)
This post used to have a lot more spazzing Do you guys know how much I want to see this movvviieeee; it's like someone wrote a gigantic KotaTeddy fic and made it Den-O canon and then turned it into a movie asl;kdfjlskjflsdfggghhhh !!! Aaaaa I can hardly stand it~

It's been a while since I posted art-art, so have some! ...it's pretty much all Kotaro and Teddy, hyuk hyuk hyuk (there's one stupid Daiki pic though!).

テディィィィィィィィィ / こーたろぉぉぉぉーーー wtf DoriCollapse )

These two have forced me to draw Imagin way too much [even if it's just Teddy]. :( THANKS, GUYS. Next thing you know I'll be drawing, like, Sora's hair and bikes and stuff, too! :(
...Since that was a terrible LOT of Kotaro and Teddy shipping [someone ship this with meee, I don't want to be the only weird one. ;_;], have some Goseiger JUST KIDDING ONLY HYDE to make up for it.

Just one Hyde, BEING AWESOME.Collapse )

And you should really stop reading here because it gets scary after this. Why? Mostly because of Hyde's Shark Header. ...No, really. This is scary stuff.

And then I lost my flistCollapse )

HAHAHAA I'm sorry.
♥: Hungry! Always.
♪: Double Action Strike Form
04 June 2010 @ 05:31 pm
Episode Blue comes out today in Japan! I wanted to post Den-O fic, but it's not done have a completely unrelated Goseiger one instead. :D

And yes, it's totally called that. :D

Title: Sexy Time
Fandom: Tensou Sentai Goseiger
Characters: Alata, the rest of the Goseigers, Nozomu
Warning: Misleading title; this is absolutely G-rated. Heh.
Summary: Alata wants to be sexy, but doesn’t know how. It’s not something he can ask Hyde or Agri, so he asks someone else instead.

Alata had never realized there were so many things wrong with him until he became housemates with Moune.Collapse )


I'm sorry. Just kidding, I'm not sorry at all. :D