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What if I

My friend gave me an Idea today while we were storming Tamashii Nation 2011 and wandering around Akiba being nerds.

Is anyone interested in character goods that are hard to find/expensive online?
...'cause sometimes I get things that I either have already or don't want very much and am willing to sell!

Which is to say I have a Kazari charm on me right now that I don't particularly need and would be willing to sell to someone if they want it.

Today I picked up a Kamen Rider OOO Chara Fortune pack thing because I realized that they are actually super duper cute. I got Kazari because apparently he cares nothing for my cat allergy :'< I haven't opened it yet; just the plastic wrapping it came in to see who I got.

Front of the case

Back of case.
Take control! Your desires are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!! Today's luck is 70%! Control desire! what it says, sort of.

Bigger pic of the charm.

Kazari is about the size of a US quarter. The official product picture can be seen here (along with all the other possible charms you can get). If anyone wants one of the other ones, I can try getting some more, too. :3

I also picked up a Gokaiger Chara Fortune because they are so incredibly cute I can't. I got GokaiYellow. I had initially been hoping for Red or Silver, but when I saw Luka I realized that she was truly the one I wanted. :|


Even with terribad lighting. :'D

She's currently hanging out on my phone with GoseiRed and Yuki from KimiBoku, but yeah. As you can see here on the official product picture they come in both Gokaiger and Civilian forms (though I think the Gokaiger forms look cuter). Each pack is random, but I can try getting certain ones if anyone wants one of them!

But yes if anyone is interested, please let me know! I dunno how much I want to sell Kazari for just yet; the price will also vary on where it needs to be shipped.

MEGAMAX opens in 12 days holy crap I need to get tickets
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