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And here is the Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: the Shogun and the 21 Core Medals movie write-up post.
Gokaiger write up is here!

Again it's VERY LONG and VERY SPOILER-Y so, yeah. D:

Again, apologies in advance for wrong ordering or wrong stuff in general. :( Hopefully I won't be too off, but you never know! And neither do I! alsjlfkjlsg.


Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: the Shogun and the 21 Core Medals

The film opens in what’s apparently Germany, where Kougami is hanging out with Satonaka wearing giant fur coats (as they do in Germany, obviously) and having a team of Japanese and German people excavate a certain artifact out of the ground. What’s awesome besides the fact that Kougami is there at all is that every time he gives an order, Satonaka translates it into German for the German dude who’s directing the other Germany people, I guess. In other words, Satonaka being a boss in German and Japanese - aaaiieeeee can I marry her

The thing Kougami is trying to get turns out to be one of the artifacts that can be seen in that one room in Kougami’s basement in the TV series; it’s one of those big circular slabs with three circles that can be filled with Medals. ...That was not a very good description, I’m sorry. Anyway, once it starts getting pulled out of the ground, Cell Medals start gushing out in torrents, knocking everyone over and swirling around. A large ring of light suddenly appears in the forest where Kougami and co are.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, a similar ring appears in the middle of what looks like Shinjuku, and the whole thing lifts up and flips, essentially flipping the areas in Japan and Germany, I guess. There’s a cut of Eiji and Ankh cruising around on Ridevendors, and Eiji is all “wtf is that” at the phenomenon. There’s now a huge forest in the middle of (maybe) Shinjuku [and consequently no one cares about what happened to the people who used to be in Shinjuku]. Medals keep streaming from it, reaching up to the sky and forming a giant tower in the middle of the forest. A stream of Medals bursts out from the forest and grabs a woman off the street, pulling her into the forest as her young son watches in horror. Back at the excavation site with Kougami and Satonaka, a tower has now appeared on the site. The tower doors open, and Kougami and Satonaka get pulled in by more Medals. The sound of heavy footsteps can then be heard, and a troop of orange-clad soldiers (as can be seen in the various trailers from the movie) marches out of the Tower doors, attacking the other people at the site and all that jazz.

Eiji shows up pretty much immediately on the scene because he, you know, can do that I guess. He’s basically all “:O :O what is going on” while Ankh sits around being pissy in a tree. Date also shows up from literal nowhere, Gotou-less, and the two get ready to fight. Ankh tosses Eiji the Tatoba combo (in what would be BEAUTIFUL 3D if my theater had been showing in 3D) and Date does his henshin pose, we get a pretty double henshin and a cut to the title.

After the title cut it’s OOO and Birth vs the orange peoples. OOO does some Medal changing, though nothing special, more or less just to showcase his ability in case there were people watching who didn’t know what he could do, I guess (which in my case with my friends was... true haha). Birth also used some of his CLAWs. Very show case-y fight anyway. The Greeed also show up halfway through the battle, though they mostly observe from a distance, their curiosity most likely piqued by the massive amounts of Medals there.

Anyway eventually OOO and Birth seem to be mostly winning, but suddenly the fight stops when a tall masked woman clad in orange and blue enters the scene. She turns one of the grunt orange dudes into a pile of Cell Medals at a touch and it’s very pretty clean theater CG... have I mentioned these movies are BEAUTIFUL on the screen? They are. Yeah. There is also a very nice shot of Eitoku’s butt while some exposition goes down with the new woman. The woman then does this magical thingy that sucks Core Medals towards her. Ankh is pulled from his tree, Cores flying from his carrying case, and the Greeed all take damage, losing two or three of their Cores each. OOO manages to keep his Cores by holding onto his driver to keep the Medals from flying out, but the force of the power knocks both him and Birth off their feet.

The woman suddenly notices the young boy from before whose mother was taken, watching the whole thing from behind a tree. She removes her mask, evidently angry, and shouts at the boy that he got what he wanted, what is he doing here now? She reaches towards him as if to hit him, but OOO and Birth intervene. There’s a bit of tussling, and the woman knocks them all out of the forest and into the city again, managing to steal OOO’s Taka Medal in the process. Ankh scrambles to his feet and runs towards the forest again, intent on getting his Core back (he hasn’t lost any others of his at this point), but he hits a barrier that suddenly surrounds the forest, keeping everything out - or trapped inside.

Inside the tower, Kougami and Satonaka wake up on a platform that’s suspended over a bottomless pit. The woman from before comes in, and Kougami greets her as Gara - or rather, MASTAH GAAAHRAH!!! because you know. He’s Kougami. It’s obvious he knows who this woman is anyway, though exposition doesn’t come until a bit later.

Eiji, Ankh, and the young boy have since moved to Cous Coussier, and Ankh angrily ponders over the lost Cores while eating a popsicle as Hina patches the boy up. They all introduce themselves (except Ankh. Eiji forgets him.) and the boy tells them his name is Wakaba Shun. Eiji asks Shun some questions that Shun answers very plainly, not explaining much, and Eiji notices the boy holding onto a pink bag - something that a woman would most likely be carrying, Eiji thinks. Before he can ask about it, though, Date and Gotou come in, announcing that they’ve got info on the mysterious woman.

It’s explained (by both Kougami and Gotou in interspersed scenes) that Gara is one of the alchemists who created the Medals/Greeed in the first place. There’s that scene that’s also in the TV show that shows a bunch of masked people sitting around a table with smoking flasks and holding medals and stuff - the Burakawani Medals are also shown. They might also explain why Gara has come back, but I didn’t really catch it. As Kougami finishes talking, Gara tosses some Medals into another smoking flask (very magical and science-y, yes) and three clones of the same girl appears. Her name is Bell, but I don’t think that’s ever mentioned in the film - yeah anyway she’s the cute pink and purple kid you may have seen in previews and trailers and stuff.

Gotou and Date finish up exposition in Cous Coussier, Eiji recalling something Gara said before they were blasted away. Gara mentioned bringing about the end of the world, or recreating it, essentially - the team at Cous Coussier figures that basically she means to get rid of the present world by switching it with other ones, like how she switched Germany and Japan. I guess. As they ponder over this though, they hear a loud bell (!!) chime from outside and move out to investigate: Bell has somehow managed to hijack the large TV screens that dot urban Tokyo, and is doing some sort of variety show. Cue cameos from the Rider Girls here, by the way.

Bell’s proposition is basically this: would you be willing to have a chonmage hair style for the rest of your life in exchange for 50,000,000 yen, Yes or No? (I’m pretty sure it was that much anyway...) The “Yes” and “No” are in English by the way, complete with cute hand motions by Bell. Everyone who’s watching her show pretty much brushes the whole thing off, thinking it a silly variety show, until Bell actually shows up with a cart full of cash ready to be given to anyone who says “Yes.”

When people see that she’s at least half way serious, they start getting excited. One dude, aka the guy who played Kaido in Kamen Rider Faiz (he’s got a guitar too!), steps forward and agrees because hey, that’s a lot of money. So his hair gets turned chonmage, and he gets his money. A couple of Cell Medals pop out of his head in the process, though, and disappear as they fall; back inside the Tower where Gara/Kougami/Satonaka are, the Cell Medals fall into some kind of contraption consisting of a large flask surrounded by three large circular tablets. More Cell Medals begin to drop in as more people step forward to get the money in exchange for looking decent ever again, and Gara explains that this is human desire and that it will bring about her new world. One of the circular tablets, which is pretty much just a huge Medal, begins to rotate slowly as more Cells drop into the flask.

Eiji and company watch as more and more people go up to get money, marveling at how ridiculous people look with their new hairstyles. But 50,000,000 yen is a lot of money, and it’s also incidentally half of what Date’s looking for - Date sets down his Medal tank and steps forward, thinking. Date with a chonmage hairstyle?


Fortunately for everyone present and the viewers, Gotou steps in, recalling Date to his senses with a stern look and tone of voice. It’s about then, though, that Gara’s flask fills enough to flip the giant Medal over completely, and another ring of light suddenly breaks through the ground where our heroes are standing, cutting the team in half. The portion of land encircled by the light gets flipped over, ending up in Edo Japan. Eiji, Hina, Ankh, and Shun are carried into the past while Date and Gotou remain in the present, very confused.

Kougami, meanwhile, is totally thrilled by this SUBARASHII display of what desire can do, and also agrees to Bell’s deal, because HEY WHY NOT. So he gets a chonmage head, which Satonaka is not at all afraid to laugh at (after making sure her own hair is intact). He doesn’t get money, though, which is kind of a bummer. But not to him!! What is a bummer, though, is that Date soon realizes his Medal tank got taken to the past with everyone else since he put it down next to Eiji earlier. Well, crap.

Eiji’s taking care of his tank, though, as he and the others wander around the streets of Edo period Japan. The streets are oddly deserted - or so they think, until they hear the sound of a car horn and lots of shouting a distance away. They run to the scene to investigate, and find the modern Japanese people in conflict with the ones of Edo Japan. They’re all throwing rocks and umbrellas and random stuff at each other, the older period people yelling that the modern folks must be monsters because they’d never seen people like that before. Eiji’s quick to step in, though, reassuring the Edo people that the Heisei ones are human, just like them, and that everyone ought to get along.

Gara probably realizes Eiji is going to be a problem, so she creates a Yummy that’s a mixture of all the Greeed. It’s pretty ugly and stuff, and has a skull on one hand that does the talking for it. Anyway she sends it to the Edo period to deal with Eiji and co. Eiji naturally has trouble with it at first, being unable to henshin since he’s only got the Tora and Batta Medals on him. He’s getting his booty kicked around by the Yummy, then, when Hina is hit with brilliance and hurls Date’s Medal tank to Eiji. The tank falls to the ground and the lid pops off, the Birth Driver sliding out - well hey! Eiji completes the entire moment with a “Hina-chan, NAISU” even though he’s also sort of being strangled at the time.

Eiji manages to get the Yummy off of him and uses the Birth Driver to henshin, putting his own spin on the posing. It’s in one of the openings in the TV series, I think. So they start to fight, and it’s obviously Eiji doing the fighting in the Birth suit because of the way he holds his arms; he fights like the standard Tatoba combo (primarily in the Tora arms), just with CLAWs. At one point, though, the Yummy’s about to fire something at Eiji-Birth, but if he moves the attack will hit the Edo people behind him, so he defends the people like the cheeseball he is and is left for the worse of it. Eiji-Birth goes down, and the Yummy moves on to hurt some other people, turning in the direction where Ankh, Hina, and Shun are watching. Eiji basically screams at Ankh to protect them, so Ankh shoves Hina and Shun out of the way before letting his arm fly to go to help Eiji. At the same time, though, the skull on the Yummy’s hand detaches and starts attacking Ankh in mid-air, chewing two Core Medals out of the arm before returning to the Yummy and disappearing with it.

Ankh returns to Shingo’s body and everyone’s in pretty poor shape, Ankh having lost two Cores and Eiji getting beat up pretty much all the time. Eiji goes back to where all the other people, both Heisei and Edo, are, but the Edo people accuse him of being a monster, because he did just transform into some weird robot thing. One man steps forward though and tells everyone to be quiet, and all the Edo people obey, because it’s Matsudaira Ken!! Tokugawa Yoshimune!! AKA the lord of the time, I guess. He’d been watching the fight the whole time and recognizes that Eiji was trying to help people, even pointing out that Eiji defended the Edo people when they were about to be hit. Everyone’s still sort of shaken by the whole thing, though they’ve stopped yelling at each other, and in the silence that follows they can hear the sound of a child crying. Eiji goes over to try to cheer the child up, but only manages to freak him out more. Therefore Eiji must make amends, so he tries giving the kid underwear because he’s Hino Underwear Eiji, but that makes things even worse. Shun steps in then, though, and offers the kid some candy because he has passable social skills, unlike Eiji. That cheers up the boy a little, and Eiji and co get to move on. Tokugawa picks up a Cell Medal as they leave, looking inquisitively at it.

They’re looking around for some place to rest and get cleaned up later when suddenly they notice Cous Coussier hanging out being... Cous Coussier. They go in, expecting to find no one because Chiyoko wasn’t there earlier and who would open shop in these circumstances anyway - but as we should have known, Chiyoko is making a killing serving these Edo folk with Heisei foods. Everyone is completely stunned by Chiyoko’s amazingness, except Ankh, who stares at everyone, mortified. Chiyoko is using his stash of ice cream to serve the customers.

Back in the Tower, Gara’s Medal flask has filled again, meaning it’s time for another Medal flip/world flip! Another chunk of Tokyo goes, turning upside down to reveal a volcano amongst a huge tropical-looking forest. It happens right where some people are doing a promotional event for a dinosaur-themed park that’s opening later, and as luck would have it, real dinosaurs start showing up because I guess the other side of that Medal was that far back in time. Date and Gotou do a double take as a pterodactyl flies over head, and they both realize they need to do something besides sit around and wait for Eiji and co to come back. They decide they need to find a way to get through the barrier and to the Tower.

At Cous Coussier, Hina and Eiji have changed into yukata (!! cute cute cute) for work, though I think their shift is over at this time or something. Shun is also wearing a yukata for some reason. Hina explains to Shun the situation about Ankh and Shingo, telling him that it’s strange because it’s her brother, but not her brother at the same time. She says she doesn’t mind it so much now, though, because she still has some connection to her brother. Shun seems to get kind of down at this, and Eiji notices this and confronts him about it later. They’re sitting on the steps of a shrine (I think) when Eiji asks if Shun understood what Hina was saying about being connected to her brother though he wasn’t really there. He asks about Shun’s mother, and if he’d been thinking of her at the time.

Shun explains to Eiji that he was raised by his mother, but because she was always so busy with work, she never had much time for him. She promised to spend the day with him on his birthday, but when the time came she didn’t really follow through [I may be mistaken about a lot of this, though, my apologies]. She tried to make it up by making his favorite things for lunch when they did go out, but Shun, angry, ran out of the house, accusing her of liking her work more than him, and saying it would be better if she wasn’t around. It was later that day that she was pulled into the forest by the Medals, and when Shun followed her, he saw Gara, who has his mother’s face. This would explain why Gara told him that he’d gotten what he wanted etc. Eiji reassures Shun, telling him that Gara wasn’t really his mom, and that they would help her. He also points out two onigiri in the pink bag Shun’s been holding on to, suggesting that his mom was making lunch for the two of them to go out together after all. They eat the onigiri and Shun is reminded of his mother, and it’s all emotional and such.

Later, Eiji and Shun are walking back, Eiji holding Shun’s hand, and they run into Hina and Ankh. Ankh, naturally, gets all pissy like “where have you been what have you been doing,” but Hina comments that Eiji and Shun look like father and son holding hands like that. Ankh is tired of this family bullshit and starts heading back on his own as Hina takes Shun’s other hand. Eiji suddenly gets The Most Brilliant Idea!! and tells Ankh to hold Hina’s other hand because she hasn’t been able to hold her brother’s hand in a while. Ankh is all “wtf no” and Hina even tells Eiji that she’s not that much of a child and doesn’t really need to hold Ankh’s hand. So Eiji’s Most Brilliant Idea goes up in smoke along with my hopes and dreams of OT3 goodness.

Gara is waiting for her last flask to fill up now so that the third and final (maybe) giant Medal may flip. Kougami tells her that there’s a faster way to get Medals, because the larger desire filled, the more Medal she collects. And who has more desire than KAMEN LAIDA OOOOHHHZU?? Gara likes this idea and sends one of the Bells to go bargain with Eiji. Satonaka, by the way, has gotten totally bored of this stuff and has gone to sleep, having an inflatable neck pillow and eye mask on her person for some reason.

We get a short scene at Dr. Maki/the Greeed’s mansion here, where they’re all sitting around talking about what to do about Gara and OOO. I guess they must decide that Gara is a bigger threat than OOO because she’s taken so many of their Cores already, or something, and Gamel stops paying attention halfway through and steals Kiyo-chan. Kazari monologues a bit as Maki screams absurdly in the background and Gamel has fun.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, Team Birth has been working to analyze the barrier around the forest with the Tower. Gotou’s finally managed to pinpoint a weak spot, and he and Date are trying to use various methods to hit that spot. Their first attempt with a Birth Buster Cell Burst doesn’t go so well, and the recoil knocks them both back because they’re not Birth at the time, I guess, but they keep going for it anyway.

It’s the next day in the Edo period Japan (and somehow everyone has a change of clothes), and Eiji and the rest are making their way through the empty streets. They’re getting ready to face off against the Yummy and a small army of those orange-clad grunts. Eiji apparently doesn’t have much of a plan because he’s surprised when Ankh tells him to henshin. Eiji protests that he doesn’t have enough Medals, but Ankh reminds him that there’s still another Medal left: his. Ankh gives Eiji his Medal and Hina is left to take care of Shingo’s body as Eiji henshins. There’s a cool slow-mo round-a-bout henshin sequence that’s kind unnecessary, but it looks neat, so.

OOO starts fighting the Yummy and the orange dudes, and holds his own until one point where he’s backed into a corner. Hina, in an act of Super Boss, grabs a nearby stick and goes to punish some orange suckers, defending OOO valiantly in his moment of weakness. The fight goes on, and Tokugawa soon arrives on horseback, aka really awesomely, and starts fighting as well. The fight extends to not only those two, but the entire town full of Heisei and Edo period folk, as they begin attacking the orange dudes with rocks and broomsticks when the orange ones try ganging up on Hina and Shun. The point is that everyone there is fighting together with a common goal, which is cool and great.

OOO and Tokugawa have this moment where they race through a crowd of civilians, OOO on a conveniently-placed Ridevendor, and Tokugawa on a horse. It’s pretty awesome until you think about how silly it is that one’s on a horse and the other’s on a motorcycle that’s also a vending machine, but you know. Tokugawa presents OOO with a set of Burakawani Medals, saying that the Cell he picked up earlier reminded him of them. I don’t think it’s explained why he has the Medals, but maybe they were passed down or something. Idk.

So Tokugawa clears out in an epic fashion of sorts, and OOO changes into the Burakawani Combo to fight the Yummy. Burakawani gets kind of a lame Combo theme, but since it’s only used once or twice it’s fine I guess - it stresses the “ka,” going something like “Buraka~wani!” if that makes sense. The fighting style is interesting and is mostly seen in the arms (as with most of the other Combos); since the arms are Kame or Turtle, they’ve got these half-circles of defensive armor on them, I guess, which OOO holds up in front of him as much as possible. So he’s got his forearms up in defense pretty much all the time (he’ll keep one arm up even when he punches), and seems to hunch more than with other Combos, as if guarding himself. The Wani/Crocodile legs chomp on the enemy as OOO kicks, which looks pretty cool imo. The Cobra head is put to use when OOO comes across a flute for some reason and starts playing it; the Cobra on the back of his turban-like headgear comes to life and attacks, and playing the flute also enchants other snake-like creatures, including one on the Yummy itself. OOO uses the Burakawani finisher to defeat the Yummy; the finisher involves him sliding on the ground (as most reptiles do) to kick the Yummy. It looks cooler than I’ve just made it sound, I promise.

Eiji returns triumphant to the rest of the townspeople and is congratulated by people. Ankh bursts out of Date’s Medal tank (where I guess his Medal was being kept) and reattaches himself to Shingo. Everything’s all happy and good when suddenly a loud bell (!!) toll can be heard, and Bell shows up, calling for a certain Hino Eiji. Eiji goes forward, and Bell makes a proposition: would he, and he alone, be willing to return to present-day Japan, if it meant eeeeveryone else in the city disappeared? Yes or No?

Here Eiji has a problem. He obviously has to go back because he’s Kamen Rider OOO and he’s supposed to defend the Earth (and besides he also has the Birth gear so it’s not like Birth could do it for him). But then he also can’t let everyone else there die, including Hina, Ankh, and Shun. Ankh immediately loses faith in Eiji because Eiji is human and obvious choice is obvious, but Hina pleads with Eiji a bit, as do the rest of the towns people gathered. Eiji has to think for a while but then asks if Hina etc can come with him. Bell sees nothing wrong with that, assuming they’re family or something - so now the deal is that he can go back with his family if everyone else disappears. Hina is kind of stunned/confused/baffled that Eiji is even considering letting everyone die, but he seems bent on answering Yes - and then he does.

More Medals fall into Gara’s flask, slowly filling it to the top, just as she planned. She laughs, triumphant, until she realizes that the Medals aren’t stopping just there, and soon tons of Medals are pouring down onto the flask, making a small mountain of Medals in the room. Her giant Medals are going haywire with the amount of Medals that are coming down. In the Edo period town, all is quiet. Hina, who had fallen to her knees when Eiji answered, looks up, surprised that she’s alive. Everyone is alive, in fact, and Eiji’s still standing there, looking mildly pleased.

Bell is totally confused and asks why everyone didn’t disappear like the bargain said. Eiji, in what is surely one of the cheesiest things ever, reminds her that their bargain was for him to return with his family. And since everyone had fought together and worked together this morning, that made them all family. Everyone rejoices at this cheese and clasps hands with their neighbors in a show of quasi-familial happiness. Apparently people finding loopholes in her plot is Bell’s weakness, so she disappears with a fatal scream (though I’m actually more inclined to think that she couldn’t handle the cheese and had to get out).

Kougami laughs cheerfully at Gara because everything went ACCORDING TO PLAN I guess, though Gara is pretty ticked. Since the granting of Eiji’s desire has totally wrecked Gara’s world-flipping plot, everything reverts to normal and Eiji and co find themselves back in modern Japan. Anything Goes starts playing in the background as they all gear up to go find and fight Gara for the last time. Eiji finds a Ridevendor and Ankh asks how he plans on fighting this time (because apparently Burakawani doesn’t occur to anyone and Ankh isn’t offering himself again), when Shun suddenly notices something stuck to Eiji’s boot. Well what do you know, it’s a Taka Medal that no one ever noticed until now!!


Ankh is just as mad as the audience at this handy plot device, but Eiji sort of apologizes for not noticing it sooner and gets to henshining anyway. He takes off on the Ridevendor towards the forest, which is still in the middle of Tokyo and has been unaffected thus far because of the barrier surrounding it. Team Birth has been working steadily to break through it, however, and here they finally succeed by using the CLAWs Sasori’s Cell Burst (don’t ask where they got the Medals for CLAWs Sasori from though). They bust through the barrier just in time to let OOO through as he rides up toward the Tower on a road made of TakoCans.

Gara, meanwhile, has transformed into another creature with long wiggly arms. Kougami keeps laughing because he’s Cakeboss, and Gara’s about to strike him when OOO busts through the ceiling on his bike and interferes. OOO loses the bike and starts to fight Gara as the Tower begins to crumble. The orange guys are running around now, and for the record, Satonaka has been asleep this entire time because she can do that, so Kougami suddenly realizes that maybe they are in a pickle and wakes Satonaka up. He yells at her, but she doesn’t even move, so he jumps on the suspended platform they’re on, effectively flipping her into the air and onto the ground outside of the endless pit. Satonaka finally awakens in time to kick orange butt and be badass, and manages to create a bridge for Kougami to walk across the pit by defeating an orange guy. Kougami and Satonaka make for the exit, leaving the rest to our hero OOO.

OOO and Gara somehow end up fighting in the forest again, and OOO’s got the axe form of Medagabryu and is fighting Gara with both that and the Medajalibur. Shun and Hina show up to watch, but seeing Shun makes Gara pause for a moment. Shun’s mother’s face appears for a moment in a sea of Medals, and it’s obvious she’s trying to escape, though Gara is holding her back. Shun calls for his mother, and she reaches a hand toward him, her human hand breaking out of Gara and stretching toward her son. OOO seizes the chance and runs to grab her hand, and he manages to pull Shun’s mother out of Gara (kind of like saving humans from Kazari’s Yummies). Shun and his mother reunite, and OOO goes on to fight Gara away from them in case they get hurt more and such.

OOO beats Gara back (or Gara beats OOO back?) into a clearing in the forest, and OOO seems to be at a loss as to what to do to beat her, when suddenly OUT OF THE SKY COMES A FLAMING BURNING THING THAT CRASHES INTO THE GROUND IN AN EXPLOSION OF DUST AND SMOKE

It’s Fourze, naturally (?!), and OOO is just as confused as anyone as he picks himself up and regains his composure. Fourze landed on his head, by the way, and I’m surprised he didn’t suffer more brain damage, but I guess that’s what helmets are for. OOO stares blankly at Fourze until he introduces himself, saying he’s a friend to all Kamen Riders, Kamen Rider Fourze! ...or something like that. The thing missing from this scene is Fourze’s iconic “UCHU KITAAAAAA!!” unfortunately, but I guess that wasn’t the decided catchphrase when the movie was filmed or something. Fourze helps out with the fight then, and though OOO is still confused liek woah, he appreciates the help anyway. Fourze shows off his Rocket Arm, then answers his Radar when it starts ringing. Yuki can be seen on the Radar screen, yelling at Fourze that he needs to get his butt over there now because class is starting soon (I think), so Fourze decides to get on with it quickly.

He switches Rocket Arm with Magic Hand, which is a long extendable arm-like thing that he can move at will. He uses Magic Hand to grab OOO and starts swinging him around his head like some kind of sling, OOO wailing and screaming the whole way. Fourze doesn’t seem to mind that he’s using his new friend (??) against his will, though, and slings OOO at Gara, sending her flying into what remains of the Tower. Fourze un-transforms into Gentaro as OOO staggers around, dizzy and confused. Gentaro’s hair is much better in the movie than in the TV series, by the way, though that isn’t saying much; instead of having his... pompadour cowlick thing whatever piled in the middle of his head, it’s less pointy and more swept to the side. It almost looks passable, but still misses the mark somehow. OOO is totally shocked and crushed to learn that Fourze is just a high school student, but Gentaro distracts him by forcing him to do his un-secret handshake that he shares with Yuki. OOO doesn’t get it. Gentaro promises they’ll be good buds from now on and all that, and skips on out of the forest because he’s gotta go to class I guess, and OOO is all “???” but thinks he’s a good kid anyway. Date shows up finally with his Medal tank, and is surprised to find that he’s missed all the action. Oops.

OOO is explaining to Date and Hina, sort of, what happened, when suddenly Gara’s arms shoot out of nowhere and pierce through his chest, grabbing several of the purple Medals before retracting to her body. Now having possession of a Combo set of all the Medal types (except Burakawani again, but apparently no one really cares about it), Gara uses them to transform into an even bigger monster: a kind of CG dragon-bird-griffin-whatever thing that starts rampaging around Tokyo. OOO and Date get on that stuff, and soon they find themselves in one of those abandoned factory places that seem very popular in Tokyo.

OOO and Birth are having trouble fighting Gara now: none of their attacks seem to do much, and it’s barely all Birth can do to hold Gara back using Crane/Drill Arm and his Catepillar Legs. They get knocked about a bit, and Gara keeps on rampaging, and when things seem to be making a turn for the worse, suddenly a certain someone’s voice calls out, “OOO!” and three green Medals are tossed to OOO. Though confused, OOO is told to not ask questions and just use them, so he does, and changes into Gatakiriba. Gatakiriba multiplies, naturally, and they all start attacking Gara, all of them yelling and stuff and it’s kind of adorable.

Three of the Gatakiribas latch on to and attack Gara’s head, managing to cut some of Ankh’s Medals loose. Ankh’s arm appears to get his Medals back. Gara’s down for a bit, and suddenly all of the Greeed show up, tossing the Gatakiribas a Combo set of Medals each. Ankh tosses in his Medals, too. There’s also a funny part where Gamel throws Kiyo-chan (with a purple Medal) to one of the Gatakiribas. Gatakiriba is kind of freaked out because Kiyo-chan is freaky in general, but he hands it off to another of the Gatakiribas, who kind of looks at it oddly before the other two purple Medals pop out of his chest to complete the set. It’s hilarious for some reason, really!

Anyway, the Gatakiribas circle up to change Combos, and it’s a totally exciting scene and really pretty to watch. All the Combos from the TV series are present, including Tatoba, and Burakawani gets to be there also (no Tamashii or LoveLoveLove though). The Greeed tell the Combos to make use of the Medals, and all the Combos answer in unison, moving on to Scanning Charge in unison as well. They all get to fight a little before their finishers are actually used, though, and it’s a very pretty and colorful fight on the whole. All the Combos use their respective finishers in the end, and everyone goes “SEIYAAAAA” as is expected and it’s GREAT.

In the ending scene, Shun and his mother are holding hands and walking home, talking about what his mom should make for dinner. Eiji, Hina, and Ankh watch them go, and as Hina turns to lead the way back to their own homes, Eiji is struck yet again with another Most Brilliant Idea!! Except it’s actually brilliant this time. Eiji leans toward Ankh and whispers to him that he’ll give him a Premium Ice Candy if he holds Hina’s hand. Ankh stares at him for a moment, taken aback, then promptly stalks toward Hina and grabs her hand, pulling her along as they start walking home. Hina is naturally shocked, and can’t seem to believe it for a while (as Eiji beams proudly in the background). But eventually she begins to smile, and gives Ankh’s hand a squeeze--

and breaks several of his fingers in the process; Ankh yanks his arm away and yells at her because who does that what are you doing you beast!! Hina is off-put, saying that her brother is used to it, but Ankh counters that he’s not used to it and that it still hurts anyway. He’s totally not into holding hands anymore, but Eiji quickly reminds him about the promised Premium Ice Candy, and Ankh has no choice but to take Hina’s hand again, though much more reluctantly this time. Hina also reaches out to hold Eiji’s hand, and the three of them walk off together hand in hand as the sun sets in the distance.

The credits roll then, playing the Rider Samba of course, though they cut out Ankh’s rap parts. :( The whole ending is animated, actually, and basically sums up the movie with funny cut-out-looking drawings of everyone. So if you missed the movie for some reason but made it to the credits, you’ll still know what went on. Sort of. Maybe. It’s cute anyway.

After the credits, there was a short promo for the OOO/Fourze Movie War that’ll be in December, but it didn’t show anything at all. It just had OOO and Fourze facing each other with text floating around. But it was exciting anyway!



If you want to know what my general feelings were about this movie, I can say that I thought it was pretty.............. wait for it



I enjoyed this movie much more than the OOO half of Movie Core 2010, and I think most people will as well! It had all the elements of OOO that make it lovable that weren't in Movie Core, like... Ankh, basically. It was both serious and humorous at points, and colorful to hell which is just how OOO rolls. Also there was hand-holding and teamwork and family and all that cheesy stuff I totally buy into.
I naturally flipped out during the Eiji/Hina/Ankh hand-holding scene at the end because THEY ARE MY OT3 and you can't stop me ;_; I was also flipping out during the final fight with all the Combos because it was so so so so pretty. AND TAJADOL. SO BYOOTIFULLLLL plzmarryme.
it's also now my headcanon that EIji has some weird kink for Hina and Ankh holding hands, no joke. :| and Ankh is a cheap whore, DON'T SELL YOURSELF FOR ICE CREAM SO EASILY ♥

Sorry for making the write-up so long, though. D: I hope people could still enjoy it if they made it through all of it! lakjs;ldkfjlkjs. Maybe I'll try condensing it later (but probably not, I'm really lazy).
Looking forward to Movie War 2011 now. :3
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