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I saw the Gokaiger and OOO summer movies this week! It was the last week of screenings for the theater I went to at least, so I went on Tuesday, and then again on Friday (because I couldn't remember a lot of the details of the OOO movie and I wanted to write about it). I haven't really seen other write-ups of the movies out there [not that I've looked particularly hard], so in case anyone was interested, I decided to do one!

AND HERE IT IS, I GUESS. Part one, anyway. Since my write-ups are VERY LONG (what is brevity), I've decided to put the separate movies in separate posts. This one is for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: the Flying Ghost Ship.

This write-up contains MANY SPOILERS, and I'm too lazy/can't think of how to make a non-spoiler version, so if anyone wanted that, I'm sorry. :( It's also, like I said, ridiculously long, which I also apologize for. I hope it'll still be enjoyable, though!

I also want to apologize in advance if I get things in the wrong order, or just wrong in general. My understanding of Japanese is by no means perfect, and some details might have been lost.
I am also not knowledgeable about Sentai at all, so there were probably lots of references to stuff that I completely missed. I'd like to thank Wiki for helping me out with some names and such, even if I don't know them in context.

But anyway, onto the write-up. SPOILERS AHOY!

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: the Flying Ghost Ship

The movie starts out with Gai doing what he does best: running around being outrageous and awesome. I suppose he was doing training of some sort, but after he'd finished it he did his roll call pose (since Gokaisilver never really joins in the action himself) and seemed utterly pleased with himself - when the sky suddenly darkens, and out of the stormy clouds appears a flying ship! Initially thinking it was the Zangyack, Gai soon realizes it was not the Zangyack at all and gets ready to fight.

Gai summons Gojyurex un-henshined (I didn't know he could do that...?) and transforms into Gokaisilver to pilot it, when out of the ship comes what is apparently Gokaioh. Gai is totally confused and doesn't attack until "Gokaioh" starts wailing on him, at which point Gai gets that it's not Gokaioh but some enemy look-a-like. This Gokaioh actually has a cape, a hook for a left hand, and an eye patch, btw. They fight for a while, this fake Gokaioh seemingly having the upper hand on Gai, and the fight ends when fake Gokaioh shoots a laser out of its eyepatch and knocks Gai down. Fake Gokaioh tells Gai to call for his pirate friends and bring them out, then promptly leaves, leaving Gai defeated.

Cut to the Gokaigalleon, where Don's relaying a report from Gai (who is for some reason absent) about the incident to the rest of the crew. Apparently the Ghost Ship's got something of a reputation (or something) because of an object called the God Eye, which can grant any wish - but just one. The Gokaigers spend a little bit of time deliberating over the not-Gokaioh that Gai faced, but are much much more interested in getting this God Eye thing; they are pirates, after all. They realize that with the God Eye, screw getting all the Great Powers, they can just wish for the greatest treasure in the universe and all their problems will be solved! Navi warns them that it'll probably be dangerous, but Marvelous delivers his "risking everything for treasure, isn't that what it means to be a pirate?" line and we get a cut to the title.

On the Zangyack ship, Walz Gil has gotten wind that the Ghost Ship with the God Eye is hanging about; he sends Insarn and Barizorg to infiltrate and take the God Eye for the Empire with a squad of Gormin. Both the Zangyack and the Gokaigers start looking for the Ghost Ship, since it’s usually obscured by cloud cover; there’s a cute bit of Luka and Ahim interaction in the Galleon’s lookout as they try to spot the Ship. Soon they discover the ship, which turns out to be enormous (the GokaiGalleon looks like a kid’s raft compared to it), and go to dock inside of it. Over with the Zangyack, Insarn and Barizorg drop from the Zangyack ship onto the Ghost Ship’s deck - or that’s the idea, anyway. As the two officers and their squad of Gormin fall from the Empire ship, the Ghost Ship moves out of the way, leaving them flailing as they fall to the Earth. Walz Gil throws a fit, of course, taking it out on the Gormin around him as he flails and screams--
but anyway, back to the Gokaigers.

The Gokaigers creep about the ship together, looking for the God Eye; Don is terrified as usual, so much that even Ahim has to tell him to man up a little because he keeps clinging to her. Doing his best, Don spots himself in a dusty mirror and lets out a cry, which summons Luka because TREASURE?! But since it’s only Don being a wimp, she’s utterly disappointed and leaves him as he composes himself, reminding himself that it’s just a mirror and there’s nothing to be afraid of - until Casper the Friendly Ghost three ghosts pop out of the mirror and start harassing the Gokaigers.

By harassing, I mean actually harassing - one of them kisses Don on the cheek as he tries to pull away, another gets all up in Luka’s face (until she bats it away), and the third whisks around Ahim and makes her dress fly up. Marvelous, who’s had enough, comes to the rescue, stomping on the ghost with his boot, but as it’s a ghost, it only sort of works... the three ghosts gather and start singing for some reason. The Gokaigers are kind if “wtf” at first, but as soon as they hear that they’re on the right track to the God Eye, they forget everything else and leave the ghosts mid-song, patting themselves on the back for a job well-done (so far).

The Gokaigers soon come across a chamber with a huge ceiling-high skull mounted on one wall. In one of the skull’s eye sockets is the God Eye. The Gokaigers approach the skull for the God Eye, but as they do another ghost swoops down out of the skull, knocking them down. The ghost turns out to be the Ghost Captain Los Dark (apparently. I couldn’t catch his name but Wiki tells me so), who is pissed that the Gokaigers want his God Eye because he means to use it for himself. Why he hasn’t used it already for whatever he wanted is beyond me, but you know, whatever. Los Dark uses whatever ghostly powers he possesses and flings the Gokaigers into the giant skull’s gaping jaw, where they come out in what’s apparently hell (hell looks a lot like Earth btw. Just saying.).

The hell the Gokaigers have come out in is a temple-like place, and as they gather themselves Ahim notices the portal they were thrown through is still open in the sky, meaning they could escape. But soon they are approached by a mob: one grunt monster from every Sentai series, the hoard led by a Nanashi Renjuu. The Gokaigers transform and fight, and Don basically steals every scene because Gokaigreen is ridiculous. Uh but the Gokaigers each get their own focus shot so you can see how they fight; there’s no exchange of weapons, though, as far as I can remember, so either they started out with their sword/sword or gun/gun combos, or they all just fought with the sword/gun combo. The Gokaigers seem to be winning, so the grunts back off, until Marvelous taunts them, at which point they all combine into a super grunt monster which is basically a Gold Mode of grunts. It’s not very pretty.

Out of the combined form, the Nanashi Renjuu gives a heroic (?) speech about being the one to defeat the Gokaigers, but then all the others start saying that they want to do it and the combined monster starts to stagger and stumble because they’re all fighting with one another. The swaying of the monster eventually turns into some kind of dance, though (think Den-O Gun Form and that’s kind of the idea. Kind of.). Tired of this nonsense, the Gokaigers decide to fight fire with fire and become Battle Fever J. Another fight results in the Gokaigers’ win, but then they’re soon transported to another hell - sports!! (??)

The Gokaigers find themselves in an empty baseball stadium, where they are soon approached by Yakyuu Kamen from Goranger (Wiki tells me, which makes sense). Apparently if they can strike Yakyuu Kamen out they can leave this hell (or at least defeat Yakyuu Kamen), so the Gokaigers use the Goranger keys to baseball it up! Luka acts as catcher for Don, Joe (野球が大好きで力持ち!), and Marvelous, and Ahim... doesn’t really get to do anything. She hands Don the ball before he pitches, but that’s basically it? :( Don and Joe get strikes easily (Don’s pitch is fast, and Joe’s is a slow one with topspin that sinks it at the end), and then as Yakyuu Kamen gears up for Marvelous’s pitch, when Marvelous throws the ball, what else should happen but the ball split open

and out comes G3 Princess!!!


Well if they’re going to include them, might as well include them in the most nonsensical place, right? Anyway it’s a lot of pink sparkles and those lights that make shapes (in this case diamonds) appear in a person’s eyes, and the G3 Princesses basically stand there looking pretty and cute and ask Yakuu Kamen if he really wants to hit the ball? The ball they’re technically inside (oh god Pokemon oh god)? Yakyuu Kamen is of course thwarted by their prettiness, but he’s one determined dude, so G3 Princess disappears and he tries and swings anyway, but misses and strikes himself out. Triumphant, the Gokaigers gather at the mound, Luka tossing the ball into the air behind her as she goes. Yakyuu Kamen makes some speech before the ball lands on his head and explodes, which sends the Gokaigers into the next hell.

This one features Agent Abrella from Dekaranger, who tells the Gokaigers that their dreams (of obtaining the greatest treasure in the universe) are meaningless etc; the Gokaigers, running from enemy attack, have a Team moment when Marvelous thinks about giving up and Joe forces some sense into him. There is excellent Team Love going on at this point, and Marvelous and Joe do that intense eye-staring thing they do sometimes which makes people ship them I guess, and Marvelous makes eye contact with the rest of the crew, who give him reassuring nods. They’ve come up with a plan that will let Marvelous escape through the portal in the sky that’s been slowly closing (along with the skull’s jaw back on the Ghost Ship), so that Marvelous can get his dream of obtaining the greatest treasure by using the God Eye once he gets out.

Joe, Ahim, Don, and Luka wave a white flag at the oncoming Agent Abrella and his cronies, coming out with their hands up and weapons down. Agent Abrella commends them for their sense, but notices that they’re missing one - Joe takes the opportunity to get his gun back and initiates a fight. The four use the Dekaranger keys, and Marvelous makes his escape using Jetman to fly into the sky and through the portal.

Marvelous lands back in the Ghost Ship, and faces off with Los Dark as Gokaired. Los Dark has no intention of letting Marvelous get anywhere near the God Eye, and Marvelous needs to get the God Eye so he won’t let down his crew. The fight choreography is really excellent here, making much use of wire work and the multiple levels of the set. At one point it looks like Marvelous uses a Rider Kick-like kick against Los Dark, but I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be anything of if I’m just being silly. Anyway, sometime during the fight, Los Dark taunts Marvelous for leaving his friends behind to die while he gets the God Eye for himself. Marvelous rejects that completely, saying that he knows his crew is okay, and he can see them now - there are cuts of each of the Gokai-Dekarangers holding their own in battle and seeming just fine, and Marvelous continues to fight, regretting nothing.

Eventually both Marvelous and Los Dark use their finishers, Marvelous using Gokai Slash and Los Dark using a similar attack with his own sword. The two attacks collide in an explosion of blinding light, and Los Dark takes the brunt of it. Knocked back by the explosion, Los Dark looks up to find Marvelous, un-transformed, standing with the God Eye in hand. Instead of wishing for the greatest treasure in the universe, though, Marvelous wishes for his friends to return to him safely. ...awwwwwww

The other Gokaigers are caught in a light as they descend upon Agent Abrella to finish him off; they are taken back to the Ghost Ship and land un-transformed at Marvelous’s feet. Confused, they look around to see their Captain holding what looks like a large rock, the God Eye having been reduced to such after fulfilling its one wish. The Gokaigers ask Marvelous what happened with the God Eye; Marvelous tosses the rock aside and just tells them that it was a fake, failing to mention that he’d wished for them to come back. ...You are all adorable omg.

Los Dark is still around though, so the Gokaigers transform and finally do their roll call, which features full-body shots of them and slightly different posing during their calls instead of the waist-up shots that are in the show. Their ending line up poses are a bit different, too, particularly Don’s - did I mention Gokaigreen is amazing and I can never stop looking at him when he’s on screen? I did? Oops; well Gokaigreen’s ending pose is pretty much amazing and all his subsequent fighting is too.

Anyway, the Gokaigers fight with Los Dark, and eventually get to use their finisher; using the Goranger as well as the Gokaiger Keys in their swords and guns, they use the double finisher, calling out “Gokai Blast, and Slash!” as they do the respective motions. It’s neat, though, because after firing their guns, the wave from their slash hits the bullets and turns them into Goranger, which go on to finish Los Dark. Los Dark goes out in an explosion, the Gokaigers pose, and it’s all cool and great.

But this wouldn’t be a modern Sentai movie without a gattai fight, right? So Los Dark revives and goes to use the fake Gokaioh. Marvelous summons their Gokaioh and the two mecha begin to fight on the Ghost Ship’s deck, pretty much destroying the ship in the process. There’s a lot of CG used for the gattai fight, but some live suit action too, and there’s a lot of swinging around on ropes. The fight ends with each of the Gokaigers using the Great Power of different Sentai, each using the red Ranger Key regardless of their own power. I can’t remember/didn’t know which Sentai they used, but the Great Powers all involved flying mecha - so the Dragon Headder from Goseiger, Gaolion from Gaoranger, and the MagiDragon from Magiranger, at least. ...I didn’t recognize the other two, I’m sorry. D: Los Dark goes down with the rest of the Ghost Ship, and the Gokaigers get away safely.

Later, the Gokaigers are all enjoying a meal on the Galleon, when Gai comes running in flailing, apologizing for being late and not being there what happened what about the Ghost Ship. Don and Ahim explain that things are cool and that the God Eye was supposedly a fake - many pointed looks at Marvelous that suggest they know better - and Gai wonders if it’s really alright that they didn’t get to use the God Eye to find the greatest treasure in the universe. Marvelous, who puts eating above everything else, finally tells Gai that things are fine, do you have a problem, I’m eating, and Gai shuts up, feeling bad that he missed everything. Navi makes a comment about how the five of them really are pirates (or something like that), and Gai asks if she doesn’t mean the six of them because hey, he’s there too. Navi’s pretty set on five, though, and the movie ends with Gai being heartbroken that he’s left out of things (like the majority of the movie) while the Gokaigers continue to eat and be jolly and adorable in the background.


If you want my basic opinion on the movie, I liked and enjoyed it! Though I like and enjoy everything, so take that with a grain of salt.
Even with the lack of Gai, I enjoyed the movie a lot; it was probably about as long as every other double-featured Sentai movie (like the length of an episode), and unlike the Goseiger movie, it didn’t try to do too much. They never really explained what happened to Insarn and Barizorg though (I assume they somehow made it back to the Zangyack ship safely), and I’m not sure if it was ever explained why Los Dark had a fake Gokaioh. I don’t think it was, but you know, whatever.

I hope that write-up didn't suck! If you have any questions/comments, please do comment if you want and I'll.. try to answer stuff, though maybe I won't be able to. :\
OOO Movie post here!
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