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My room is just piles and piles of stuff right now and I need to clean it up.

So have an Imagin Band file folder instead!!

kekeki gave me this file folder thing last year when she got back from her summer program in Fukuoka. 8DDD why... why didn't I find these things... I was in Tokyo... orz Oh well I got a million keychains of Sieg. SIIIEEEGGGG /raeg
I didn't think to scan it until today actually... .__. So sorry if you've all seen it before. orz

A bit of it got cut off because it's just a tiny bit larger than my scanner, boo.


(Kin-chan's drums say "nakeru de" :'DD And Momo's guitar says "ore3" aka Ore Sanjou [I guess] alksjdflkj ♥)


Useless fact: I used this folder as a ref for Tuxedo Teddy. COOL STORY I KNOW.

High-res DL link: RIGHT HURR (MF)
The high-res ones are around 2500x3488px

Feel free to share and do whatever with the pics/link, credit not needed but is cool. Just please don't claim the scans as your own because that would be lying and lying is a terrible thing to do. Comments are also lovely.
Tags: den-o, kamen rider, teddy!
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